Goals and Major Rolesof KARB
Architect's Code of Ethics
Realted Oranization

  • Dear Fellow Registered Architects and Prospective Candidates:
  • Korea Architects Registration Board(KARB) was founded to manage architects and architectural trainees with the registration, renewal and CPD program for Korean architects commissioned by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport (MOLIT).
  • In 2012 KARB officially launched architect license registration and renewal work. As of April 2019, about 12,000 architects have completed their CPD requirements and initial license registration renewal.
  • We should review the direction of the CPD program and improve it if needed as architects are requested to take more responsibility on public safety these days while we have to prepare mutual recognition agreement with other centuries for our architects to oversees market. Also, measures for supply and demand of architect assistants are urgently needed due to downturn in architectural design market and abolition of the preliminary architect examination.
  • For that matters, KARB will put our best efforts to establish a management system for assistant architects, architectural trainees and architects by communicating and cooperating with the ministry, KIRA, KIRA Education Board and associated organizations.
  • Kim euijung
    Chairman, Korea Architects Registration Board